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Frequently Asked Questions for the Home Visiting Family Survey

Updated 04/22/2022

1. What is the purpose of this family survey? 

This survey is part of OCDEL’s accountability for state-funded services, including the Evidence Based Home Visiting Programs (EBHV).  This survey will provide information for OCDEL’s and local programs’ quality improvement efforts.  This survey is separate from any model required surveys.

2. Who should receive the survey? Is this to be completed with only MIECHV families or all families in our program?

All active families enrolled up through April 1st until June 30th, 2022 in an EBHV program funded by OCDEL should receive the survey. The enrollment date for families can be prior to April 1st as long as they were actively receiving services (enrolled) and receiving services as of April 1st, 2022 and not exited prior. All enrolled and active families should receive the survey.

3. If both parents are participating in the home visits, can both parents complete the survey?


4. When should the survey be completed? 

The online survey will be open from April 1 to June 30, 2022.  All surveys should be entered during this time.  

5. How should the survey be completed? 

The family survey is an online survey.  It can be completed using a phone, tablet, or computer.  While paper copies of the survey are available, all efforts should be made to complete the survey online.  The EBHV program should develop strategies for ensuring that all caregivers, regardless of their access to equipment or the internet, can complete the online survey.  Strategies might include using the home visitor’s phone or computer or having computers available during in-person events. 

6. Is the survey available only in English? 

The survey is available in both Spanish and English.  All materials are also available in Spanish and English.  The EBHV program should develop a process to ensure that all caregivers, regardless of their language, can participate in the survey.  

7. How will EBHV programs know their progress in having caregivers return the survey? 

OCDEL will provide progress reports on an ongoing basis to EBHV programs.  Demographic questions in the survey will allow OCDEL to identify which surveys were returned from which EBHV programs, including the both the agency and model.

OCDEL will use the number of families enrolled and active in the EBHV program as of March 31st, 2022, for the percentage completed calculation, we understand families may exit the program prior to completing the survey, however a point in time needed to be selected for the calculation. 

8. Where can I find dissemination materials for the family survey? 

Paper copies of the survey and flyers can be found at   Additional information on the family survey process can be found in the webinar recording on the same web page.