Family Support Stakeholders Committee

Purpose: The Pennsylvania Departments of Education and Human Services, Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL), established the Home Visiting Stakeholders in 2011. Now known as the Family Support Stakeholders Committee. The purpose of the Stakeholders is to advise OCDEL about the Family Support programs including performance standards, operations, and program design. The Stakeholders make recommendations by providing feedback and representing Family Support provider concerns. They also assist in the development of program protocols, tools and resources to strengthen the quality of all Family Support programs in the commonwealth. The Stakeholders membership brings unique knowledge and skills, which complement those key individuals and departmental staff engaged in this work. The Stakeholders do not have formal authority and cannot issue directives that must be followed. Members appointed to the Family Support Stakeholders Committee; Stakeholders serve at the pleasure of OCDEL.


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Family Support Mission Statement: All Pennsylvania families will have access to a statewide system of high quality family support services that will in partnership with families and communities strengthen, support, and promote maternal and early childhood health, safety, development, and education.