Pennsylvania Family Support Program Locations

Pennsylvania Family Support Programs


Please use the list above to check to see if the program is offered in your county and the links below to read more about the program(s) you may be interested in

Early Head Start gives low-income pregnant women and families the skills they need to enhance their children’s growth from birth through age three. Early Head Start home-based services include weekly 90-minute home visits and two group socialization activities per month for parents and their children.  Families earning up to 100% of poverty may be eligible.

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Family Check-Up is a brief, strengths-based intervention model for children ages 2 through 17. It promotes positive child outcomes by improving parenting and family management practices. The Family Check-Up has more than 30 years of evidence demonstrating strong intervention effects.

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Healthy Families America strives to provide expectant and new parents with the opportunity to receive the education and support they need at the time their baby is born.

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Nurse-Family Partnership helps low-income, first-time parents experience healthy pregnancies, promotes early literacy and encourages school readiness by helping mothers learn how to foster healthy child development. Families receive services during pregnancy until the child turns two years old.

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Parents As Teachers provides home visits with trained experts who educate parents on how to become the first and most important teacher in their child’s life. It offers support services from pregnancy to kindergarten and serves at-risk families such as teen parents, parents or children with a disability, low-in­come families, parents without a high school diploma or GED, or those experiencing substance abuse.

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Pennsylvania’s Family Centers have integrated and provided community services to help families become stronger, healthier, better educated, and more self-sufficient. These centers help parents and caregivers: ◘ Learn about their child’s development. ◘ Engage in parent education and child development activities. ◘ Access health care information, as well as assistance regarding health care services and insurance. ◘ Access education, training, and employment information. ◘ Receive information on and assistance with other community resources, such as well-baby care, immunizations, and Early Intervention services. Since each PA Family Center takes a unique approach to meeting its community’s needs, not all services are available in every center. However, PA Family Center services may include: ◘ Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program ◘ Parent Support Groups ◘ Parenting Skills Programs ◘ Child Health and Development Screenings ◘ Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Program ◘ Child Care Programs ◘ Child Abuse Prevention Program ◘ Language Skills ◘ Literacy Programs ◘ Adult Education ◘ Job Training and Placement ◘ Family Activities ◘ Toy and Book Lending Libraries ◘ Summer Activities and After-School Activities Almost 60% of Pennsylvania’s population lives in counties that Family Centers serve. Use the chart above to find out if a Family Center is located in your county

The Promoting Responsible Fatherhood program is dedicated to supporting, counseling, and challenging fathers to become strong and positive role models within their families. The program takes on various forms throughout the Commonwealth. Some agencies implement fatherhood classes while others provide more direct one on one interventions. Use the chart above to find out if a program is available in your county.